Shreelancer – A movie review

Poster of movie Shreelancer

This is the kind of movie that lets you live in the brain of another person for a while. It completely gets you into the character of the protagonist. And these kinds of movies are my favorite.

The movie is about 28 year old Shreepad Naik (played by Arjun Radhakrishnan), who is an engineer turned freelance writer. He pitches his work in the film as – “ I do ads, gags and anything from love letters to obituaries.” Shreepad lives with his father in Bangalore and still depends on his retirement money to pay the bills. He is the “nice guy” that people take advantage of. Shreelancer is the name of his blog.

This is a travel and self-discovery movie – but it’s not the normal type when the protagonist travels for passion. Shreepad here travels by accident when his college friend compels him to come for his wedding in Chandigarh.

The movie is super relatable to the millennials who are confused about life and who they are. It is realistic yet magical. The realism is achieved by an excellent combination of script, visuals, and acting.

The movie is directed by Sandeep Mohan, who does independent films under the banner The Great Indian Travelling Cinema. The movie is made with just a crew of 13 with a budget of 27 lakhs. What Sandeep has done here is an absolute inspiration for aspiring filmmakers.

Do give it a watch, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Another interesting fact, is that the director takes his movies to people – to screen in cafes, co-working spaces etc for small groups. So if this film is not in theaters near you – do ping him and he will come to you!

The only thing I found disappointing (as a person who takes a lot of photos ) was the filters used in the film – which I felt didn’t do justice to the Himalayan beauty.

Here is the trailer –


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