Kasaba movie controversial scene
Dear movie makers, don’t make our life harder than it already is
On just another day at work my friends, started off a debate on the recent Kasaba controversy and I was
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Solo movie poster
Solo – Doesnt do justice to its songs
I had great expectations from this movie – and was waiting for it to release. Like how often do you
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Life is an equation
Life is an equation you have no control of.
Everything that happens in the world (call it Y) can be seen as a result of a mathematical equation. Each
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favorite song lyrics posters
Songs that are not about romantic love – A list of my favorite song lyrics
Love, Pyar, Kadhal, Premam – this is what most of the songs out there talk about. But love is not
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njandukalude nattil oridavela movie poster
Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela Movie Review
No, this is not another Nivin Pauly romantic movie – so all those girls looking for some Nivin Pauly romance
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Poster of movie Shreelancer
Shreelancer – A movie review
This is the kind of movie that lets you live in the brain of another person for a while. It
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Karthick Iyer playing violin.
My music best friends.
There are mornings when I wake up so uninspired — deprived of all motivation and hesitant to even get up
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Mark Zuckerberg delivering the commencement speech at Harvard.
Mark Zuckerberg — the Leader of the Millennial
Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at Harvard has truly addressed millennial problems and is a guide to our life ahead. I have
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Set me free
Humans were born free. Born nomads. Born to use his own mind and body to find food and protect himself.
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