Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela Movie Review

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No, this is not another Nivin Pauly romantic movie – so all those girls looking for some Nivin Pauly romance – this is not the movie for you.

It is a family movie. A rich family that lives in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi – who hang out at Central Square, watches movies in Cinepolis, dines out in Cocoa tree (and one other restaurant I couldn’t identify) and wants to use Uber but does not.  

Shanthi Krishna and Lal play the parents with Srinda, Nivin and Ahaana playing their children. The family is brought together when the mother is diagnosed with cancer.

The movie started off with great hopes – was interesting and had a good plot. But this lasted just for half an hour max. It becomes dragging from then on. It was difficult to sit through the second half – especially after the long line of advertising verupikals at PVR.

The movie just remains as a good idea – and lacks form, story or continuity – so much so that at many points of time, it just seems to be a collection of scenes.

There is some good humor in the movie – but has a lot of failed humor attempts too. The scenes and dialogues that are meant to be touchy don’t make you feel anything.

Nivin Pauly’s romantic interest – the newbie Aishwarya Lekshmi does some good acting. She has brought a lot of character with so little screen time. We will definitely see a lot more of her in Malayalam cinema. She is the lead in the Aashique Abu – Tovino Starrer movie Mayandhi.

Nivin Pauly knows what role suits for him and does his “Mandan Chaliyan” role well.

Kudos to the music director Justin Varghese. The music is perfect for the movie – simple and catchy. The song “Enthaavo” keeps playing in your head after the movie. 

The cinematography is terrible and purposeless.

The movie is not very socially responsible. It has scenes teasing a person who studied in Malayalam medium school, Nivin Pauly throwing tissue out of car window and a girl learning to cook for marriage.

The over product placement of Lays in the movie made it seem like Lays made Nivin Pauly fat.  

The movie is just a tailor-made family movie for Onam. It’s like being made to eat a sadhya without the rice.

From watching the trailers of all the Onam releases  – this seems to be the best of the lot – go for it only if you want to really see a movie for Onam. Otherwise, let’s wait for Bijoy Nambiar’s – Dulquer starer Solo.

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