My music best friends.

Karthick Iyer playing violin.

There are mornings when I wake up so uninspired — deprived of all motivation and hesitant to even get up from my bed.

Then they come and cheer me up and help me rise up. They are my Music Best Friends.

They come to my rescue when I am down on my mood and manage to cheer me up and move forward. Somedays, they help me slow down my life, get me out of restlessness and reflect on the happenings of the day. On other days, they get me so high that it is like an explosion of firework in my head. Singing them out loud is my favorite pastime and get outs all the frustrations and stress.

Listening to them helps me regain my focus. Just close your eyes. Focus on the music.(I highly recommend music with instruments alone — for focusing.) Eliminate all other thoughts from your mind. Listen only to the strokes of the instrument. Sink into them. This becomes a kind of a “Music Meditation” and restores your inner peace and focus.

Here I list out my Music Best Friends:

1. Karthick Iyer: Violin is an instrument that best expresses emotions and he is a master of it. His music ranges from violin covers of A R Rahman masterpieces like “Nila kaigirathu” to some of the famous Carnatic Keerthanas like Raghuvamsa. Immerse into his tunes of violin and get rejuvenated.

2. Hans Zimmer – The OST god. The man who best knows how to make us feel emotions through music. Here is the violin cover of “he’s a pirate”. (because I am a sucker for violin). 

3. Bombay theme song: With a perfect mix of flute and different kinds of violin — this song brings in an array of emotions with it. This is my all-time favorite Rahman composition.

4. Ludovico Einaudi: “The piano magic”. Sink into this Italian composer’s highly uplifting tunes for a mood elevation.

5. Adele: A voice so powerful and beautiful that it is equivalent to an instrument itself. With a hypnotizing voice — Adele remains my favorite singer.

I thank the composers for creating such useful pieces of art for helping us get through life and making our life more beautiful.

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