Why I meditate (and why you should too).


I had a notion of meditation being uncool. Something which old or religious people do, something which Modi and Baba Ramdev does. 

But lately, I have come to realise that meditation is essential, especially in the time of smartphones being designed to kill our focus.

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Living in the moment is the way to a happy life. This is the essence of almost all the spiritual teachings and it makes sense too! Meditation helps reach this state quickly and also to reach it more often.

The more often you live in the now – the happier your life is.

Meditation is about focusing fully on one activity with zero other thoughts on your head. It’s about channelising all of your energy into that one single act. And doing this somehow energizes you and takes you to a higher level of happiness. 

The conventional way of doing it –

Boring right?


But what if I told you can you do it

Like this
And this
And this!

Confused? Let me get it straight!

Three ways to meditate

1. Doing what you love 

Doing what you love is a form of meditation – anything that gets your mind into the state of flow –

“Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”

Find the things that naturally gets you into this state. It might be coding, solving a particular problem, cooking, dancing, photography, writing or playing a sport. It needn’t be just one single activity.  Somedays I reach flow through photography, at other times through writing and on some days through cooking.  Make sure you do this activity at least once in a day! And if your job includes this activity – yah!!

As the legendary actor, Mohanlal put it –

Mohanlal quote meditation


2.  Evoke your senses

Listen to music. I mostly use instrumental music. Choose the music that stimulates your brain. And this varies according to your mood. 

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Or use the sounds in nature. Go to the beach, close your eyes and listen only to the sound of the waves. Go to a garden – only to hear the sounds of the birds chirping.

Use the sense of taste! Close your eyes and focus only on the taste of the food you are eating. Or the sense of sight – go to the rooftop in the evening and just watch the changing colors of the sky.


3. Use apps 

When the first two don’t work – I go to apps. Or better still I use the app and then go to the doing what I love part. I use apps like Headspace that acts as my personal meditation coach.

Exercise: Body : : Meditation: Mind

Doing meditation develops your brain muscle. Once mastered it becomes your superpower.  Have a subject you hate studying?  Or a work you don’t enjoy much but still have to do? Your newly attained focus superpower can help you finish it quickly – and thus leave you more time for the things you love doing. You will have much more energy, peace, and a sense of fulfillment in life. 

Make meditation as mandatory as sleeping and eating. Start your mind gym today. Start the path to a happier life.

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