Use your Smartphone “Smartly”

Recently, I was finding it very difficult to focus on whatever work I set out for. I was highly attention deficit and was increasingly prone to headaches. Few of my friends admitted facing the same problem.

I was not even able to focus on the conversations I had with people. Reading has always been my downside and this problem worsened it. I skipped half of what I read and ended up either comprehending nothing or understanding everything falsely according to my imagination. I used to be good at watching things — assimilating everything I see and hear. This problem was killing that ability too.

After some frustrated times — I decided to set things straight.

Smartphones are our greatest distractions and focus killers. Learn to use them wisely and smartly.

Always open your smartphone with a purpose. Use it for that purpose and close it down.

Do not use smartphones to kill your time. Avoid mindless browsing.(browsing without focusing). It is the most degrading thing you can do to your brain.

Stop switching between apps constantly. The key to improving your focus is to provide your full attention at one thing at a long time.

Stay on an activity until you are done with it. Watching a video? Make sure you complete it and then move on to the next app. Reading an article? Finish it first and then open that Whatsapp group that just popped up. Chatting with someone? Give that person your full attention. (Yes it can be boring when that person doesn’t give theirs). Don’t give away to the constant notifications. Put your phone in silent mode while using it. Better still — do not let many notification pop up. Keep apps like Instagram and Facebook strictly logged out. (Wish Whatsapp had that option too.)

Android developers and app makers should seriously consider designing less distracting products.

Have an idea of the time you spent on your phone — the time you spent on each application. There are apps that track that for you. (Ex: Quality time). Don’t let your smartphone eat away your time.

Put these suggestions into practice. Yes, ou won’t is able to achieve full concentrated from day 1. But the habit will set in. You will master it ultimately.

Don’t let smartphones degrade your quality of life.

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