For all those struggling young adults.

Young adults advice

I am at that young adult stage – when I have just fully flown out of my parent’s nest into the real world.

I have always romanticized the idea of living on my own through school and college life (yes all those movies and tv series showing how great 20s life is). Of being totally independent and having full control of my life. The truth is your early 20s can be one of the hardest times of your life and nobody tells you this. It’s when you have to make all those hard choices and live on your own and it can be pretty daunting.

Most of us are in a hurry to settle – to have that perfect job and the perfect relationships right away. And one big thing I learned recently –

Things take time – You can’t have your perfect life right away. Rome was not built in a day. Same goes with your life. And you can’t be stuck at home waiting for the perfect things to happen. The idea is to get moving. Choose the best option available to start with. Don’t expect your 100% best life right away. Even 40% would be great to start with.  Keep enjoying it and also work towards the next best thing possible. Great products become great after a lot of feedbacks, reviewing and bettering. Same goes with your life. You slowly evolve into your perfect life.

There is no hurry – The average life expectancy (world average) of a person is 71.5. What is all this stupid theory of ‘settling’ before 30? Even people who did all the settling admit to feeling empty and unfulfilled after a while. Keep exploring (within the constraints of the real world. Money-Sigh!) of what you really want and what makes you happy in life. And this again keeps changing. So there is really no pressure. So – 

Chill. Live slow.  

Stop regretting – I for a while regretted doing the wrong college major and taking the wrong first job. Firstly, regret is a real waste of your time and energy. You can’t really go back in time and change things. And secondly, there is nothing to regret about! You didn’t know it was not for you back then. Only the experience of going through it would have taught you more about yourself and your abilities. Learn from it.

Let go of your dreams that don’t make sense anymore – You are changing. Your experiences are changing. People around you are changing. Let go of dreams that don’t make sense anymore. Just because it meant everything to you once upon a time – doesn’t mean you need to fulfill it.

Adapt to the changing you.

Same goes for your relationships. Let go of relationships don’t mean anything to you anymore. Don’t try too hard to keep it – just because you people were great together once upon a time. 

There is no right and wrong – There is no ‘perfect’ or the ‘right’ life. It’s the way of looking at it. The happiness ultimately lies in your mind. And lastly and more importantly

Enjoy the now –  Life is only about the journey, not the destination. 

Happy adulting!

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