Solo – Doesnt do justice to its songs

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I had great expectations from this movie – and was waiting for it to release. Like how often do you get to see a musical? Moreover had enjoyed the director Bejoy Nambiar’s previous work Shaitan. But sadly, this movie is over-hyped.

The movie is an anthology (like Kerala Cafe and Bombay Talkies) – a collection of four stories centered around the theme “Shiva.” Each story has a character with different names of Shiva – which apparently shows different forms of the lord.

The first half of the movie was real bad. It was too unrealistic and artificial.

Seems like Dulquer can play only a certain kind of roles. In the first story, he plays a person who stammers and his acting is not at all convincing.

The film has too weak a script. The dialogues were too cheesy and cliche. It had me guessing its exact words. Even a decent script could have saved this movie.

The stories were decent and were quite predictable, except for the last story with a mega twist! (Had the whole crowd laughing even though it was meant to be serious).

However, The film catches up after the interval. I liked the third story “Shiva.” My biggest moment in the film was when the song “Aigiri Nandini” was played. The song has 10 times more effective when played in the theatre. It is so powerful and perfectly conveys the emotion in the part “Shiva”. That story did bring me tears in the end.

Watch this movie if you love its songs. The songs have a much better effect in the theatre when played in the movie and the second half isn’t that bad either.

My rating – 2/5


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