Set me free

Humans were born free. Born nomads. Born to use his own mind and body to find food and protect himself. Free to create a life of his own — living vicariously everyday.

Then started the process of civilization. Humans settled down. They started choosing comfort over adventure. Civilization has trapped the man in the system — bound by the walls of written and unwritten rules. These rules are the root cause of all man’s misery and has given birth to the ill feelings of jealousy, hate and sorrow. It has defined man’s way of living and killed all his spirits so much so that living has become a burden for most. I guess even the idea of suicide didn’t exist back in the nomadic times. Civilization is killing us much before we die.

Today, the 21st century has ingrained in us a goal of being successful — putting us through schools and colleges and once we are free of that — trapping us again in jobs and marriages.

I dream of a time when we are not tied down by relationships or jobs or money. When we could just do what makes us happy — whatever gives us the high. When nobody has the pressure of becoming anything in life. When human love is not materialistic or conditioned. When we could just go around having new experiences everyday — being nomadic — exploring new land — learning new skills — creating new things — making the most of our brain and muscles. I yearn for that glorious past — the simple times.

Only a free man is happy — because when you are free you always follow your heart — there is no question of the mind making decisions.

I hope have the guts to break free from the shackles of this society. 

One day. Some day.

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