How to make decisions in life

Woman contemplating on making a decision by the side of a beach.

I have always been bad at decision making. It’s not that I made bad decisions. It is that I didn’t know what to decide — that I end up not deciding at all.

And Being paralyzed with indecision is much worse than making the wrong decision.

Indecision will only let opportunities slip by.

I decided to fix things up. After a lot of thinking, talking to people, reading and a lot of thinking again — I have come to some conclusions which I think will be helpful.

The thumb rule to making a decision is choosing the path that you will enjoy the most. It is not the one that makes you look good — Not the one that makes the society say nice things about you and give you the so called respect. Nor the one that will make people around you happy. (A person who truly loves you will be happy with what you are happy with).

The key to making a good decision is finding out what you really need.

Here is a list on how to find it:

  1. Imagine: Imagine living the decision. Think of what lies down the line. Which decision gives you more joy? For making a true imagination — make sure you have researched enough. Read all about it and talk to different people who have knowledge on the subject.
  2. Talk to a person who knows you a lot — There are friends who have been in your life for a long time — with whom you have shared a lot with. The kind of people who understand you. Consult them. Seek their advice. Have a logical conversation with them. They will know a lot about what works for you.
  3. Talk to people who are like you: There are always people who are similar to you in a lot of aspects — people who have a lot of your characteristics. (If you don’t have that kind of friends — find them ASAP! ) Ask them what they would have done in your situation. Ask them if they have gone though the same. Better still, talk to a person who is an older version of you. They would have most slightly gone through this same situation.
  4. Talk to your siblings: You people share a lot of DNA and are of your same generation — what works for them may work for you too.
  5. Dream: Put your subconscious mind to use. Think about the decision just before going to sleep. What you really want will reflect in your dreams. Try to remember what you dreamt immediately after you waking up and make sure you note this down.
  6. Write to yourself: Ask yourself questions. Write down all your thoughts. This can give more clarity. It gives direction to your thoughts and leads to more focused thinking.

Take all these into consideration — and make sure that only you make your decision. Make sure that only you control your life — because nobody knows you better than you. You are your best decision maker.

Finally didn’t enjoy the decision you took? Found it to be bad? Don’t regret it. You just made more discoveries about yourself. Learn from it. Grow.

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