Life Hacks

How to find your career
How I Solved My Career Confusion
For any decision making – ‘Follow your heart’ seems to be the common advice out there. But my so-called ‘heart’
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Confused about career
How To Find Your Career – Part 1
What should I do with my life? This is one question that is haunting us right from 10th – 12th
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How to get over your addictions.
Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits Once And For All
We all are addicts in some way or the other. Just that some people have healthy addictions and others have
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starting new habit
How To Actually Start Exercising Or Eating Healthy
We all have been there. Trying to start exercising, but giving up on day two. Trying to eat all healthy,
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Young adults advice
For all those struggling young adults.
I am at that young adult stage – when I have just fully flown out of my parent’s nest into
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Instagram lies – Don’t let it get to you
On a boring afternoon at work, A opens Instagram, sees B’s story – “Wow she is going for all those
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Why I meditate (and why you should too).
I had a notion of meditation being uncool. Something which old or religious people do, something which Modi and Baba
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College Life
How to get the most out of college life
College life is the time when you have a lot of time and freedom. There is no pressure to make
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Me and my parents
How I fixed my relationship with my parents
I am at the 20s something age. The age at which we introspect our parenting.Most of us have some unresolved
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Motivational photo on life
How to live the life of your dreams
Strategy to live a fulfilling life. Everybody has a dream or a  picture of how they want to live life.
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Boy who is down on his mood.
How to fix your mood
We all have those days. Days when we are deprived of all motivation -when we have to force ourselves to
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Woman contemplating on making a decision by the side of a beach.
How to make decisions in life
I have always been bad at decision making. It’s not that I made bad decisions. It is that I didn’t
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Go Friend Hunting!
There has always been a lot of hullabaloo about finding the right life partner — Well guess what – we
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Use your Smartphone “Smartly”
Recently, I was finding it very difficult to focus on whatever work I set out for. I was highly attention
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For all those lost in the meaning of life
— From someone who has some things figured out I have been having this “lost” feeling right from my childhood. This “who really
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