Life Hacks

Young adults advice
For all those struggling young adults.
I am at that young adult stage – when I have just fully flown out of my parent’s nest into
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Instagram lies – Don’t let it get to you
On a boring afternoon at work, A opens Instagram, sees B’s story – “Wow she is going for all those
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Why I meditate – breaking the myth about meditation
I had a notion of meditation being uncool. Something which old or religious people do, something which Modi and Baba
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College Life
How to get the most out of college life
College life is the time when you have a lot of time and freedom. There is no pressure to make
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Life is an equation
Life is an equation you have no control of.
Everything that happens in the world (call it Y) can be seen as a result of a mathematical equation. Each
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Me and my parents
How I fixed my relationship with my parents
I am at the 20s something age. The age at which we introspect our parenting.Most of us have some unresolved
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Motivational photo on life
How to live the life of your dreams
Strategy to live a fulfilling life. Everybody has a dream or a  picture of how they want to live life.
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Boy who is down on his mood.
How to fix your mood
We all have those days. Days when we are deprived of all motivation -when we have to force ourselves to
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Woman contemplating on making a decision by the side of a beach.
How to make decisions in life
I have always been bad at decision making. It’s not that I made bad decisions. It is that I didn’t
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Go Friend Hunting!
There has always been a lot of hullabaloo about finding the right life partner — Well guess what – we need to
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