Life is an equation you have no control of.

Life is an equation

Everything that happens in the world (call it Y) can be seen as a result of a mathematical equation. Each of these Y is dependent on many independent variables X to varying degrees. These X again are the Y of some other equation with it’s on X which are again the Ys of some other X. This process continues – until you trace yourself to the beginning of the universe.

You are nothing but the Y in one of these equations – All your thoughts and actions including you yourself are products of these equations that started a billion year ago (or who knows when!)

“What seems to be is just an illusion of control.”

You may seem to be in control of the factors X which your produce an immediate action or result Y. But these X were again the Y of some other X – which you had no control of.  Moreover, the universe is one complex system. It’s super difficult to know all the X that control a Y.

“All your thoughts and actions are primed. You have zero control over anything.”

This thought can be scary at first.

It may seem like we are puppets in some play charted out by some higher force or just some characters in this cosmic video game.

Or it can be looked at something that is happening in a very random manner-  a game of probability, that scientists are trying to make a “logic” of.

The more the scientist try to dig into this mystery-  the more mysterious it becomes. Life is meaningless.

Now, thinking deeper, this thought becomes very liberating. You find true freedom from understanding and accepting this concept. You become free from your success or failure or from whatever that happens in your life because you know you are not in control. You will no longer hold grudges against anybody or be angry at anything that happens to you.

Getting this concept fully into your system makes you a super humble good human being.

Thus, it only makes sense to sit back and enjoy the beauty and magic of life. To dive fully into every moment and live in it to the fullest. Ultimately it is only this moment that we truly possess.

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