Kochi Love – Visit to Old Railway Station and Willingdon Island.

Girl photographing in Willingdon island.

After being suffocated from sitting at home for two days straight, I finally set out in my exploration of Kochi with my friend (cum model) Meena.

I have never had much opportunity to enjoy the city much — never got to take in the beauty of the places.

Our first stop was the Old Railway Station- two-minute walk away from the High Court. The place is quite spooky —it is supposed to be a restricted area. We feared discovering abandoned dead bodies. The place is rumored to be a drug selling hotspot.

This railway station had witnessed the arrival of great people like Mahatma Gandhi. Civil engineers would be intuited to find narrow gauge rails in the station.

Next, we set out to boat jetty for a ferry ride — undecided of the destination. We decided to go to Willingdon island as it was the nearest. The place was such a treat. The sea was lined with benches and flowering trees- such beauty. It had a good view of the Vallarpadam container terminal. You could get a good view of the Kochi skyline from the place.The lights at the stroke of dawn were truly mesmerizing.

All this Kochi beauty I have been missing all these years.

Here are some of my clicks from the day.

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