Instagram lies – Don’t let it get to you

On a boring afternoon at work,

A opens Instagram, sees B’s story – “Wow she is going for all those travels, argg my life sucks.”

B open’s A’s story – “ Oh she is going to all those fancy restaurants. Argg my life sucks”

C open D’s story – “Oh he has these whole bunch of friends”

In reality, D might be actually very lonely.

And it gets worse during the weekends when Fridays become Friyays and Sundays become Fundays. 

Instagram or Coolgram?

Instagram – An app to show how cool your life is even though you might be feeling miserable inside.

Just because somebody seems to have a great life on Instagram doesn’t mean they are actually happy. Happiness is an inside job.

“Nobody is showing you their complete self”

Have you ever seen a post like – today I am so sad, I cried a lot? Or, I was lonely and just spend the whole weekend on my bed? Hell no! People just show you their good days or the times of the day that was good. And many people fake it! Because you gotta post a pic when you go to a fancy restaurant. And you gotta post a story when you travel somewhere – even if you are having a bad time. This sort of culture is wiring into people’s life. 

Uninstall Instagram if it’s making you feel terrible – especially when you are going through a bad time. Or change your attitude towards it! 

Use Instagram for inspiration – where you get new travel ideas, cooking ideas or art ideas. To admire some beautiful photographs or to laugh at some memes. A place to get good movie or song suggests. To get fashion ideas for your new saree blouse. To stalk that celebrity crush of yours. Or use it for some food porn -drool at some good food when you are hungry and locked up in your hostel. (just girl’s hostel things. sigh)

Instagram has a lot of beauty in it. Admire them all.

And share happiness. The Into the wild quote is so true and keeps echoing in my head from some time to time. Happiness is real only when shared! Share your happy pictures. The joy of something you created, the joy of a beautiful place or that of meeting an old friend.

That said, Instagram is one of the most addictive apps ever. It is increasingly being designed that way. Be aware of that. Make sure you get something from the time you spent on it – in terms of inspiration, knowledge or happiness. If not, close it right away and keep it logged off.

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