How to live the life of your dreams

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Strategy to live a fulfilling life.

Everybody has a dream or a  picture of how they want to live life. But how many of us actually live up to it? How many of us are leading a fulfilling life?

Most of us are often caught in the web of reality.

But what if I told you that you can make your life magical? And that you can actually live the life of your dreams.

The key to this is PLANNING. Yes – as simple as that – Planning.

Plan out your life.

Step 1: Write down your general aim of life, a purpose. Why do you think you are alive for?  Now, this step is not necessary. Most of our aim would be just to do what you love, have fun, love and be loved. And that is a very good aim.

Step 2: Write down all your dreams. All that you have aspired in life. No matter how unrealistic (so people say) they seem to be. My dreams are born out of the movies I watch, books I read, other real life stories, people I interact with or people who I aspire to be. To put in a sentence, your dreams are basically stemmed out of your life experiences. Spend some time and write down all the things that you have aspired to do. Things that have got you high, or things you feel jealous when others do it.

Steps 3: Categorize these dreams. The way to categorize differs from person to person. My categorization goes like this:

  • Places to visit
  • Companies to work
  • Things to learn
  • Major general dreams.
  • Books to read
  • Movies to watch
  • People goals

Since I am into photography, writing, and cooking I also have a list like this:

  • Photoshoot ideas
  • Blog ideas
  • Startup ideas
  • Things to cook.
How to live the life of your dreams
My places to visit list

Step 4: Prioritize your dreams. What are the ones that matter to you the most? List your dreams in descending order of priority.  

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Step 5: Make it time bound. Study your dreams. How much time, resources or money you will need to pursue these. Write down the ones you can to achieve the coming month/half a year/ full year. Schedule your dreams.

Step 6: Review it. Read these when you are really low on your life. This becomes your ultimate motivation to live. It always gives you a check on how well you are leading your life. Make both immediate and long term changes if you find it unsatisfactory.

Step 7: Keep building it. It’s not like you write it for one time and forget about it. Update it whenever you feel inspired. Chuck out the ones you don’t feel for any more. Your dreams evolve with you.

Step 8: Now, once you have made it don’t be too pressurized and impatient to achieve it (Like I am now). This is just something which will give you a direction in life. Don’t try to follow it in a rigorous manner – which will itself spoil the fun of it. Do all this in a relaxed and calm way.(the way to read life). Go with the flow. Starting out on one thing – may lead to another – and you will totally be happy with the other.

Once you have done this – you will not need any daily motivation or some hollow video of some guy blabbering about positivity or success. All of that motivation is short lived. While this is something that has come from inside you. This is what will sustain.

Life has a lot to offer – don’t settle for less.

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