How to fix your mood

Boy who is down on his mood.

We all have those days. Days when we are deprived of all motivation -when we have to force ourselves to get things done. Days when living itself becomes a task. These days may go into weeks, and sometimes even months. They render us unproductive for days and decrease our quality of living. It is important that we fix it as soon as possible for a better life.

Sometimes you are sad because you have a problem and sometimes it’s for no reason at all. (Well there is always a deep rooted reason).

When I am down on my mood, I keep lurking around for some inspiration. I keep hoping for something magical to strike me.

Well, make this magic happen. Had a good day? Write down what went right on that day. What stimulated that sudden spurt of happiness? Try doing or making these things happen next time you are sad. It maybe talking to your loved ones, creating things, problem-solving, dancing, listening to music, playing, watching a movie, eating good food or even cleaning for some! Everybody has their unique therapy and it varies from one day to another. Find your therapy to happiness.

Speed up the process of fixing your mood!

There are two ways to attack a problem — either to act on it or to let it go.

Don’t solve your problem when you are sad. You cook up things in your mind and end up adding to your problems and being sadder. Get the happiness therapy first — be happy and then solve the problem. Being happy gives you a better, fair and more true perspective of the problem.

Don’t hold on to solve things you have no control of. Only try to act on things that you have considerable command over.

But never let frustration build up inside you. Stacking up your frustrations can have catastrophic effects in your life. It gives way to ill feelings like jealousy and makes you act evil.

Talk out your frustrations to people, write it down or shout it out. Get it out of your system as soon as possible. Make your peace with it.

Finally, understand that your problems are almost always trivial. There are millions of people who have more troubles than you — consider for example the people suffering in war zones. No problem is insurmountable. Nothing is the end of the world.

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