Go Friend Hunting!

There has always been a lot of hullabaloo about finding the right life partner — Well guess what – we need to find the right friends too!

You become the average of five people you spend the most time with. So be with people who are a lot like you so that you do not lose your individuality. Better still be with people whom you aspire to be — whose qualities you want to imbibe.

Conversing with people who are like you — helps you discover yourself more, find solutions to your problems and brings out a better you!

Most of us just end up being with people around us — understanding and adjusting with them.

Adjusting to your circumstances is low life! Search and find what you need.

Finding the right friendship is underrated.

We are not making a real choice in our friendships. We are not exploring our options completely.

You have an ocean of opportunities in the world of internet. Utilize it!

Talk to amazing people you stumble upon. Found somebody on Facebook whose posts are totally like yours? Somebody with your exact taste in music, movies or books? DM them! Talk to people who have shared your same thoughts. Celebrate the similarity. Know their way of living. Get inspired. Find people who have done things you aspire to do.

Travelling? Initiate conversations with people around. Let them inspire you with their stories and you inspire them back with yours.

Finally — Explore the options around you also fully. Hunt down all the people around you. People are almost never what you judge them to be. The person you least expect to like you may be the most you relate with.

Don’t limit your friendships with people around you. Don’t get stuck with a bunch of people — keep making new friends!

Happy friending!

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