For all those lost in the meaning of life

 From someone who has some things figured out

I have been having this “lost” feeling right from my childhood. This “who really am I” thought would strike me and I would feel empty all of a sudden. I would feel like a stranger to myself. It used to creep the hell out of me. This article is for all those people — for those caught in the emptiness of existence — seeking an inner meaning and truth in life.

There was a time when I gave up on life. A time when life seemed purposeless and I even considered suicide. Then this friend gave me this perspective of looking it in a positive way — living to figure out the purpose of life. I know it sounds simple now but it didn’t for me back then. As the American Authors song goes “ I am just a believer that things will get better.” Yes, things are getting better! I know more about life than I knew a year ago! I have gained better clarity of things — getting the deeper perspective of things as days pass. Yes, it’s not like it’s all flowery since then — some days I completely lose grip on things. But things are definitely getting better!

To live is to love and to love is to live

In this process learn to love unconditionally. The empty feeling vanishes when you love (live) to your fullest. Love not just the people. Love nature. Your city. Your idea. Your thought. That song. That movie. That little cute thing. And impart love. Spread love and seek love.

Having new experiences is the key to figuring out life. Immerse yourself in deep conversations, movies, books, songs, travel and of-course blogs and articles! Live to experience everything that the world has to offer — all the feelings — good and bad. All things that will sooth your senses. Life is full of surprises. Live to watch the person you will become year after year. Life indeed is beautiful!

And through all your experiences carve out your own meaning of life — Your own very reason for your existence!

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