Songs that are not about romantic love – A list of my favorite song lyrics

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Love, Pyar, Kadhal, Premam – this is what most of the songs out there talk about. But love is not the only feeling that we experience and that too there are all kinds of love, not just romantic love!  Here is the list (crunched list) of my favorite song lyrics!

1. Living Life – “Hold me like a mother would.” – I fell for this song right at its first verse. A simple voice over guitar song talking about love and life.

2. Great divide – This song expresses the sheer joy of mountain climbing and how it changes you and leads to self-discovery – “If we don’t try to go, we may never know, what we were build to be.”

3. Ordinary Love – This song lyric is some food for thought in itself. It’s full of great metaphors with deep meaning.

4. Judah and the lion Scared – This song expresses the joy of spending time with oneself – a perfect song for all your solo travels. “I am scared of almost everything, one thing I know, I am not scared is being alone.”

5. Ore Kanna – An A.R.Rahman song for all the entrepreneurs – of having that one dream and pursuing it relentlessly no matter what.

6. Walk Unafraid – This song with its powerful lyrics and voice urges us to carve our path fearlessly. A truly empowering song.

7. Ghost – The lyrics and the visuals take you into the mind of the introverts. It is a super relatable song for introverts and even ambiverts.

8. Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar – This beautiful song talks about enjoying the evening, with its serene sky and soothing air, beside the person you love.

9. Sinbad the sailor – A song for all the explorers and adventurists. Make your rules, don’t listen to the society, jump into the unknown and live crazy!

10. Wake me up – This song talks about struggles of being a young adult – a phase of confusion and self-doubt. The singer longs to go ahead of a time when he will be “wise and old” and at peace.

What are your favorite song lyrics? Comment below!

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