Hey! I am Greeshma Anantharaman. And through my blog, I want to help you live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. No, it’s not another of those motivational lies. I can’t lie and say something I don’t believe in. What I write or say is what makes sense logically, and is mostly what worked either in my life or that of people around me.

    I started writing during a very depressed phase of my life. Thinking about it now, writing was my coping mechanism. It is what kept me going. I initially published on the blogging platform Medium. People found my blog posts useful and so I set out to get my own domain and website. Thus, Way of Living was born. Fast forward one year, I have identified Way of Living, as one of the major ‘Whys’ of my life and I am committed to making at least one content piece per week either on this website or Youtube. I also talk to people to understand their Ways and perspective of life on my Podcast. Start exploring Way of Living